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CANNABIS OIL EXTRACTION: In the past, the cannabis community has predominantly felt that isolated and purified cannabinoids were more effective than whole plant extracts. However, more recent data now indicates that whole plant cannabis extractions are superior to isolated and/or synthetic cannabinoids because there is a greater therapeutic response. This has come to be known as the “Entourage Effect”. (Russo

Bring us your flower or trim and get back a beautiful golden high potency oil that you can use in a variety of products. Ethanol is the safest and one of the most efficient solvents used for cannabis extraction. Other solvents used such as butane can leave harsh chemical residues in the final end product. Not only is Ethanol the safest but also allows for a higher potency than CO2 and higher yields than distillate. Your end product will be comprised of a full range of cannabinoids and will not be fractionated into individual components.  

Ethanol Extractions: WHAT SETS US APART



Our extraction process yields a high quality, winterized oil that is properly filtered for fine particulates. The final product typically has a cannabinoid content of 78-82% and can be used in vapes, edibles, salves, sublinguals, etc. 



No hydrocarbon or CO2 is used. Safe and effective MOFGA-certified organic ethanol only. 



Typical return is approximately 50-70 grams of oil per pound of cannabis and 25-50 grams of oil per pound of hemp/high CBD.



Cannabis/CBD Oil Extraction is the process of separating cannabis oil from the plant matter. A common method by which this is done is to expose the plant matter to a solvent that will dissolve the oil (which contains the medicinal compounds we are seeking to extract) wash it away and leave the plant matter behind. While there are many different ways to get this done here at Green Herb Medicinals, ethanol is our solvent of choice.

Ethanol, the result of fermenting corn, is the only commonly used solvent that is derived from a plant. It is made by a plant and acts as a natural solvent for the extraction of plant-based medicinal compounds. The cannabis oil that is extracted through the use of ethanol as a solvent has more medicinal value than oil extracted using other solvents.  It pulls out water soluble components of the cannabis plant that also have beneficial medicinal effects giving you the full spectrum of medicinal phytochemicals that the cannabis plant has to offer.

While ethanol is a very effective solvent it does have the drawback of being very attracted to chlorophyll and other dark colored compounds found within the cannabis plant. It will pull these unwanted elements from the plant right along with those you are trying to extract. In light of this, special attention must be paid to certain aspects of the extraction process in order to get a high-quality product in the end. Green Herb Medicinals has, through study, time, experience and learning, developed an SOP that allows us to produce some of the highest quality whole plant, full spectrum cannabis oil available in Maine.  

*Test results provided upon request

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Green Herb Medicinals, LLC is a medical cannabis company specializing in concentrates, extraction, and custom care. 

GHM has been operating in the Maine Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) providing quality cannabis products since March of 2016. From our inception, we have strived to maintain the highest standards of growing and adhered to 100% organic practices.



Caregivers Kory White (Master Grower and Operator) and Lisa Dulac (Certified in Cannabis Science and Medicine from the University of Vermont Medical School), have extensive cannabis knowledge and are here to provide you with quality custom care and products.

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